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Things To Do

Looking to fill up your vacation itinerary while in feud country?
Check out all the things to do and visit in the area after you take the tour!

The Coal House
That's right! a building made out of 65 tons of locally mined coal!
Built in 1933, it serves as the tug valley chamber of commerce and is a tourist attraction in itself! be sure to stop by and see the friendly staff and get local travel information!

The Matewan Depot
This Replica train station is already a stop on our tour, but definitely worthy of having its own spot on this List! Full of local history; from the Railroad to Coal Mining, The Hatfields and McCoys and MORE! You could spend hours here learning about not just the local history, but seeing how it all ties in to our American History!

Hatfield McCoy Airboat Tours

That's right! You read correctly, Airboat Tours! No, we ain't gator huntin' down in Louisiana or Florida! We're right here in Feud Country! Let owner, Keith Gibson take you up and down the infamous Tug River in a state of the art, 550 horsepower airboat. He gives passengers an up close look at river wildlife and even past a historic site or two!

Ride the World Famous Hatfield McCoy Trails

Pack the truck and load the 4 wheelers and dirt bikes on the trailer and head to Feud Country!
Ranked as one of the best trail systems in the country and even the world! Hatfield McCoy Trails has over 600 miles of trails winding through the Southern Part of the State of West Virginia. Perfect for the thrill seeker and outdoor lover!

Williamson Farmers Market

Get some locally grown, fresh fruit and vegetables at the Williamson Farmers Market!
Open Saturdays during the summer beginning May 3, 2014. Plenty of other goodies there as well!
From locally collected honey to crafts and candles, as well as music and entertainment some days! Stop in and say hello to the local farmers and support the local economy!

AND YES! THIS is an actual picture from the selection at our farmers market!
How bad do you wanna go now?!


Want a night of entertainment?!
Go see the play BLOODSONG! The tale of the Hatfields and McCoys!
A great show put on by local actors and actresses! A great retelling of the story. especially after just having taken the tour and see all the places they will be mentioning

Blood Song:  The Story of the Hatfields and the McCoys
 A Play by Chelsea Marcantel
For more info Visit - www.HatfieldMcCoyArts.com 

Proudly Presented by-
Hatfield and McCoy Arts Council, Inc.
Serving the Hatfield and McCoy Feud Region
"Celebrating our heritage through the arts!"

 Location held-
Hatfield and McCoy Park  and Outdoor Theater
McCarr, ky
$10.00 - General Admission - Cash Only 

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