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Sites and Pricing


"primary loop"

  • Randall Mccoy Home site and Well (Featured on an episode of "DIGGERS" on the National Geographic Channel.)
  • Hog Trial and "Preacher anse" home site
  • Asa Harmon Mccoy death site
  • Blackberry park Hatfield & McCoy memorial
  • Preacher anse and Ephraim "eph of all" Hatfield grave sites (optional)
  • paw paw tree incident
  • Matewan depot museum
  • battle of grapevine creek site
  • "Bad" frank phillips cemetery 
  • Ellison Hatfield cemetery
  • Goldie's general store (as seen on an episode of "American Pickers" on the History channel.) (pending Goldie is home)
  • Hatfield family cemetery: "devil anse & Johnse grave site"
  • cap hatfield home site (drive by only; private property)
  • Aunt betty blankenship home place and roseanna and Johnse's baby's grave site


-We do not include the sites in the city of Pikeville on the tour for a few reasons, however the main reason is that it adds an additional (approximately) one hour and a half onto the tour. (25-30 minutes getting there and the same coming back) Many do not realize how far away some of these sites are from each other.

With that being said IF you want to visit Pikeville on your own as you pass through and see the sites there, they aren't hard to find and you can see all of them in about 30 to 45 minutes. The main site tourists like to see there is the grave site of Randall McCoy, his wife Sally/Sarah and Roseanna, all located in Dils Cemetery and all 3 buried right next to each other.

-The other sites located in Pikeville include :
--The hanging site of Cottontop Mounts (drive by, located in the middle of Univ. of Pikeville campus.)
--The SECOND home of the McCoy Family; after the Cabin on Blackberry Creek was burnt down by the Hatfields (drive by only, now an Italian Restaurant called "Cherico's")

We here at Hatfield & McCoy Guided Tours feel that in leaving these sites out, that you aren't missing out on anything, but actually gaining additional quality time at the sites that we DO take you to; where over 90% of the actual Feud took place!


TOUR COST - $40.00 per person

*note: If there are less than 4 people on the tour that day, the price difference must be made up to equal that of the price of 4 people in order for us to cover the cost of gas, refreshments, and time. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

BEGINNING 2013: due to MULTIPLE NO SHOWS last season, we will REQUIRE a non refundable deposit of 50% of the total fee. No matter if it is a single person or a group of 4, 6 or more.

--Examples: A Single seat, $40.00 : 50% = $20.00 deposit,  Group of 6, $240.00 : 50% = $120.00 deposit

Upon arrival for your tour you or your group will only have to pay for the remainder of what is owed.

--Example: For a single seat deposit of $20, upon arrival you will owe $20 for a total of $40.00

Deposits will be accepted via Pay Pal (for Credit or Debit Cards) or Money Order (sorry no checks)

**If you do NOT have a PayPal Account, it is VERY simple to sign up and takes very little time, please do this if at all possible in order for us to cut down on paperwork. PayPal is one of the most secure websites on the internet. It makes taking deposits simple and painless, and doesn't affect your bank account, only ours! Thanks!**

*(Pay Pal link or the address for the Money Orders to be sent to will be given after a booking has been made via email or phone)

We Accept Credit/Debit and Cash. No Checks.

(*price does include "refreshments" during the 5-7 hour trip. SEE: Information tab)

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